Chattings About Conversational Agents
AWS Lex & Friends title image
AWS Lex & Friends

In a simulcast talk given to both the Cloud Study Network in Germany and the AWS RTP Meetup group, Andrew Shirk examines the historical context of chatbots and how they can be creatively built various AWS technologies including Lex & DynamoDB.

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Conversational Agents for Healthcare title image
Conversational Agents for Healthcare

Ashley Arey & Andrew Shirk present at the Digtal Health @ RTP Summer 2020 Meetup discussing the adoption of conversational agents in the healthcare sector and how COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of change.

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Conversational Agents for Healthcare title image
The Bots are Coming!

Andrew Shirk addresses the UNC School of Medicine software development group regarding chatbot work being done at UNC PRO Core.

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